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Top 10 Best Chinese Watch Brands 2021

Top 10 best Chinese watch brands 2021 Chinese factories reign undisputed over the low to middle watch market when the Swiss brands predonimanantly ...

Top 6 China best mens watches under 50 dollars

It is not easy to find a nice, rugged and durable watch under $100. Let alone under $50 for those with a tight budget. After hours of research, we ...

China 2020 Mens Best Budget Automatic Watches

2020 mens top budget automatic watches ideal for everyday use powered by your arms movement rather than battery. The list is chosen according to th...

Top 10 best Chinese watch brands 2019

When it comes to the watch brand, many people can talk about it from Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe to Casio and Citizen. If it comes to the top chinese watch brands, the list should be like Seagull, FIYTA and Shanghai, as well as Peacock, Parnis, which are common in major shopping malls.