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Top 10 Best Chinese Watch Brands 2021

Top 10 best Chinese watch brands 2021

Chinese factories reign undisputed over the low to middle watch market when the Swiss brands predonimanantly in luxury brands. But what is the best Chinese watch brand list? Are there any cheap but good Chinese watches?

In the Spring Festival of 2020, a sudden epidemic was caught off guard. For a time, pharmacies were overcrowded, and people were rushing to buy masks and disinfectants. But the streets, shopping malls, and restaurants that were supposed to be lively were empty. The epidemic has had a great impact on all walks of life, of course, including the watch industry. According to data, from 2020 January to May, there will be more than 1,000 watch companies in Shenzhen alone that have not started or closed down. It can be said that the entire watch industry is also facing unprecedented challenges and reshuffles, but there are still brands in this environment forging ahead. The following is the ranking of China's top ten famous watches in 2021. (Data source: The following rankings were synthesized by third-party research institutions based on market size, brand popularity, consumer satisfaction, etc.)


best chinese watch brands
Fiyta is China's No. 1 national watch brand. FIYTA was established in 1987. It is the only listed company in the watch industry in China. After years of hard work, it has grown into the flagship company of Chinese watches. It integrates watch R&D, design, manufacturing and sales, and owns "FIYTA". The marketing network of famous brands and "Hengjili" commercial brands covers the whole country and extends to foreign countries.

FIYTA's professional watch brand has accompanied Chinese astronauts in space for many times, and has made legendary stories about watches with its outstanding performance. FIYTA watches present exquisite craftsmanship and ingenuity design one by one for the tasters, recording the perfect moments of life. The product style that is ahead of the trend, while interpreting the classic watch culture, also conveys the cognition of time and the proposition of life.

NO. 2 : Tianjin Sea-gull

best chinese watch brands
Tianjin Seagull Watch Group Company is an enterprise group composed of 16 professional watch manufacturers and four joint ventures with Tianjin Watch Factory as the main body. The total assets of the group: 96.77 million yuan, and the total number of registered employees of the group: 9,955. The company's current products consist of a diversified series of products such as the manufacture of mechanical watches, electronic watches, quartz clocks, special watches (including architectural clocks), defense machinery timing products, precision machining and electronic device processing.

After the birth of China’s first watch in Tianjin in 1955, the company announced its establishment and repeatedly created milestones in China’s national watch industry; China’s first electronic watch, the first independent (self-)designed and manufactured mechanical watch (Dongfeng Watch) and The first female watches that meet international standards were born here. At the same time, Tianjin Watch Factory and Hong Kong Huacheng Watch Co. jointly created China's first export watch (Seagull Watch). To this day, Seagull Watches is still the only state-owned enterprise brand in the country that holds a place in the domestic and foreign watch markets. Since then, nearly a hundred products including multi-level and multi-variety two series (men's wear, women's wear) single and double calendar automatic mechanical watches have continued to enrich the company's technical reserves and main product system, and the company and its products have won numerous awards.

NO. 3 : Shanghai Watch Factory

best chinese watch brands
Shanghai Watch is one of the famous brands before the 1980s, and it has been a status symbol for 30 years after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Shanghai Watch Factory was established in 1955. It is the largest watch manufacturing factory in China with a history of 65 years. In 1955, China's first batch of fine horse mechanical watches were successfully trial-produced in Shanghai, creating a new era of Chinese artificial watches. Since then, Shanghai Watch has entered thousands of households and has become one of the three major pieces of a generation.

After decades of development, Shanghai Watch still adheres to the corporate spirit of "striving for excellence", adheres to the business philosophy of quality first, service first, and fair price, and constantly develops and develops commemorative watches, advertising watches, gift watches and all kinds of watches. The new style of the movement meets the needs of all walks of life, government agencies, industrial and mining enterprises, and military academies. They also customize various gifts and commemorative watches for the anniversary celebration, the opening of the anniversary, the memorial of the meeting, and product promotion.

NO. 4 : Beijing Watch

best chinese watch brands
In 1995, Beijing Watch independently developed the “Tourbillon Watch”, the best watch among the watches in terms of complexity, rarity or artistic beauty. In 2004, Beijing Watch first released a limited edition tourbillon gold watch in red gold. This is the first time that a Chinese brand has entered the high-end watch market with precious metal appearance, highly complex tourbillon movement, limited edition and other elements. In 2005, the North Watch Tourbillon was officially named "

The Chinese tourbillon with its unique card-free hairspring, a Chinese spirit swallow-shaped pendulum splint, master hand-made fine polishing and assembly, no external supply of movement, and an appearance with a distinctive Chinese cultural theme The design gradually formed a unique style and complete intellectual property rights.

In 2006, the Chinese Tourbillon Platinum Diamond Watch "Youlong Xifeng" shocked the Basel International Watch Fair in Switzerland with seven world-first hand-carved techniques. In the same year, the watch was collected for 1 million yuan and became an unprecedented Chinese watch. In the spring of 2007, North Watch's enamel movement tourbillon watch "Butterfly Love Flower", enamel double tourbillon watch "Beijing 2008", China Tourbillon 8-day chain long travel time watch and enamel gold watch were unveiled at Basel International Watch in Switzerland in 2007 Exhibition, becoming a masterpiece representing the highest level of China's watchmaking industry. In April 2008, Beijing Watch brought high-end watches such as the deep-relief full-gold movement gold watch "Athena" and the China Tourbillon Minute Repeater to participate in the Swiss Bar Exhibition again. So far, Beijing Watch has the design and manufacturing capabilities of high-end watches such as micro-engraving, deep-relief, enamel, tourbillon, minute repeater, and long travel time, and has established the leading position of Beijing brand watches in the field of high-end watches in China.

NO. 5 : Liaoning Peacock

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The predecessor of "Liaoning Peacock Watch Industry Co., Ltd." was "Liaoning Watch Factory", which was founded in 1957 and is the main base for the production of mechanical watches in China. From Qianjin watches in the 1950s, Liaoning watches in the 1960s, Hongqi watches in the 1970s to the famous Peacock watches in the 1980s, they not only made outstanding contributions to the development of China's watch industry, but also contributed to the lack of material life at that time. Add a touch of beauty.

After more than half a century of development, the company has gradually formed a mechanical watch production system from the production of components and parts to complete assembly. Formed a modular production of movement design and development, including: escapement, transmission system, power system, automatic mechanism, and multifunctional system. It mainly processes and manufactures mechanical watch parts, hairsprings, clockwork, gems, shock absorbers, movement and assembly of finished watches. The company introduces watchmaking equipment from abroad, and has flexible advantages in mold manufacturing, tool manufacturing and equipment transformation. It is one of the few domestic mechanical watch manufacturers integrating innovation, research and development, and manufacturing.

At present, there is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Peacock Watch in the park, 4 professional watch parts production plants, 1 movement assembly plant and 1 finished watch assembly line, as well as provincial technology research and development center, research and development trial production plant, physical and chemical plant , Tool factory and equipment renovation and maintenance center, a production factory supporting the production of hairsprings and clockwork for the watch factory, with more than 1,000 employees, more than 3,000 sets of professional watch processing machinery and equipment, and can produce and process various watch special parts part.


best chinese watch brands
Tian Wang Watch was founded by Mr. Dong Guanming in August 1988. It is a Singapore listed company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Hong Kong watch giant Weiming Group. The headquarters of Tianwang Watch today is located in Longhua, Baoan, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. The company introduces advanced Swiss equipment, and aims to create first-class quality and first-class service. With the keen market tentacles and extraordinary creativity of the company's many senior designers, combined with modern perfect watchmaking technology, the company designs and produces 18K gold series and all-tungsten steel series. There are hundreds of styles of watches in various series, including tungsten steel series, all-steel series, multi-functional sports series, automatic mechanical series, fashionable women's clothing series, precision ceramic series and environmental protection kinetic energy series.

NO. 7 : Zhuhai ROSSINI

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In July 1984, as the earliest Sino-foreign joint venture in China's watch industry, Rossini was born under the economic background of oversupply of watch products with 3.1 million US dollars. At the beginning of the business, the company introduced a full set of Swiss gold-plated watch case equipment and processing technology, relying on advanced technology to produce high-end watch cases to match domestic and foreign watches, and pioneered the special-shaped waterproof watch case in China, becoming the leading domestic production of high-end watch cases. enterprise. In 1988, the gold-plated watch case produced by Rossini was recognized as a "product-based" product by Guangdong Province. Among them, the 1095 and 5014 gold-plated watch cases were awarded the Guangdong Provincial Quality Product Award; in April 1991, the round and special-shaped gold-plated watch Shell won the gold medal of the 2nd Beijing Expo. As a result, Rossini quickly occupied the domestic blank high-end watch case market and achieved good economic benefits.

Since 1990, the company has adjusted its product structure in a timely manner in accordance with the changes in the watch market, shifted from pure production of high-end watch cases to large-scale production of finished watches, and strengthened the further development of the "Rosini" brand. With its unique style design, excellent quality, and excellent performance, Rossini will soon have an expanding market share year by year. In just a few years, Rossini has grown from a single-product "workshop-type" watch case processing plant to a watchmaking company with professional design capabilities, and in 1991 became the only national second-level enterprise in Zhuhai City.

NO. 8 : Shenzhen RARONE

best chinese watch brands
RARONE Watch was founded in the 1980s and has a history of nearly 30 years. It is a large-scale integrated watch enterprise integrating watch research and development, manufacturing, watch sales, and world-famous watch agency. After more than 20 years of production and operation, it has become the top watch brand in China. It is a national high-tech enterprise, China's top ten watch companies, China's top 100 light industry companies, executive director unit of China Watch and Clock Association, executive director of Shenzhen Watch and Clock Association The vice-chairman unit and the member unit of the National Watch Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC160), won the highest quality honor of Shenzhen Baoan District-"District Mayor Quality Award".

The birth of each RARONE watch has to go through the operation of the exquisite craftsmanship of many technicians, strictly in accordance with the national standard and the industry standard for testing, and implement the ISO9001 international quality management standard to ensure the quality of the watch. RARONE watches always adhere to the customer first, uphold innovative design and boutique strategy, continue to provide users with high-quality products and sincere service, and rely on the strong power of the company to provide long-term brand promise. Relying on its strong strength and outstanding market performance, it has won the trust of top business systems such as Dashang Group, Maoye System, Ginza System, Beijing Wangfujing, Hangzhou Department Store, Changchun Department Store, Nanjing Central Department Store, etc., and reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation. Nearly 2000 outlets.

NO. 9 : Shenzhen EBOHR

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EBOHR Watch is a watch brand of EBOHR Boutique (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Crown City Watch & Jewellery Group Co., Ltd. Established in 1991, EBOHR Watch is a group enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of branded watches, precious metal jewelry and refined products. EBOHR company consists of EBOHR Enterprise Technology Center, Shenzhen Parma Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen EBOHR Boutique Online E-commerce Co., Ltd. and Swiss Marketing Company.

EBOHR has 32 wholly-owned branches covering mainland China, nearly 3,000 sales terminals and an after-sales service network established in provincial capitals. EBOHR is fully implementing the ISO9001 quality assurance system, using a full set of Swiss testing equipment, a fully enclosed dust-free anti-static workshop, an automated assembly line and a harsh environment laboratory to control product quality, and wholeheartedly safeguarding the rights and interests of consumers and the reputation of EBOHR's well-known trademark.

NO. 10 : Poscer

best chinese watch brands

Poscer Watch was born in Shenzhen, China's watch capital, in 1997, and was created by Shenzhen Meerger Watch Industry, a subsidiary of Ruihui Watch Group. "POSCER Baoshijie" focuses on R&D and design, adheres to the original path to form a unique core competitiveness, and has been highly recognized by the market and the industry as "Shenzhen Famous Brand, Guangdong Famous Brand, Guangdong Famous Brand Product, and China Famous Brand" , China’s Top 500 Most Valuable Brands, etc., and was invited to participate in the Basel Watch Fair in Switzerland. In 2018, it became the only official watch for the Miss Asia contest. In 2018, Poscer won the German Red Dot Award, moving towards brand internationalization. In 2018, Poscer watch and brand spokesperson Cecilia Cheung released a new image.

Poscer Watch integrates watch R&D, design, manufacturing and sales, adhering to the brand concept of "Ten minutes ahead of my life", advocating a positive, young, and exploratory life value attitude, and focusing on innovation and art in design and craftsmanship. At the same time, Poscer Watch actively introduces advanced Swiss watchmaking technology and cooperates with international design masters. Each watch series is injected with distinctive personality and is endowed with a deep cultural connotation of elegance, fashion and refinement.