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Carnival 8612g mens mechanical cool watches under 100

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Best mechanical watches under 100

Carnival watches made in China. 40mm Carnival 8612g affordable classic mens watches under 100. Best value watches under 100 cool design with day date functions.

Carnival 8612g Automatic Self-Wind mechanical Movement
Power Reserve: Approximately 40 hours
BPH (Frequency per Hour): 21 600 bph
Stainless Steel Case
Case Thickness: 10mm
Case diameter: 40mm
Scratch-resistance synthetic sapphire watch face
Feature: day, date function (One notch out and twist up sets the weekday, twist down sets the date.)
Water Resistance: 3ATM
Attention: Suitable for everyday use. Splash/rain resistant. Not suitable for showering, bathing, swimming, snorkeling, water related work and fishing.

Inspired by business dress code, classic mens watches under 100 dollars with clean face design. This is a simple analog face that will give you many options when choosing an outfit. It also features both the day and the date, which is a very practical thing to have. The day and date are in the traditional three o'clock position.
classic mens watches under 100

Carnival watches are a common watch brand in shopping malls on weekdays. Its fashionable appearance and affordable prices have attracted the attention of many friends. But those friends who don't know the brand very well may ask: "What brand is the Carnival watch?"

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Carnival brand introduction
The carnival watch brand was established in 1986. The target consumer group is mainly targeted at young people and fashionable people. It aims at the characteristics of busy work, study and fast-paced life of this group, as well as this kind of people’s attitude towards fashion, youth and freedom , Leisure work and pursuit of life attitude.
Under the slogan "Perfect Life at All Times", the Carnival hopes that people will grasp their precious time and cherish every minute and every second of life. Create a fashionable, casual and classic watch image, and launch six watch series with special functions for sports, fashion, leisure, diving and military watches. A perfect interpretation of the brand culture!

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The JIANIANHUA brand has increased its research and development efforts to create a unique brand style, integrate culture into products, and continuously improve product taste. All parts and accessories of Carnival watches are provided by professional manufacturers who have been serving the world's major brand manufacturers throughout the year. The high-quality high-tech production materials are unified with accurate and long-lasting imported movements, supplemented by the wonderful design of the Swiss production team. This is the unique brand style of Carnival and super high cost performance.

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Carnival watch (Jianianhua) consistently offers some of the stylish best value cool watches for men under 100. Simple dial design for easy reading. Sturdy and durable stainless steel bracelet. Excellent in terms of style and performance. As a matter of fact, this is one of the best analog you can find if you're on a budget.
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Which country is the carnival watch from?
Carnival Watch is a Chinese watch brand. The brand is registered in Switzerland and cannot be regarded as a pure Swiss watch. Many Chinese watches carry the "Swiss" logo, but it only proves that the brand is registered in Switzerland. Only watches with the "Swiss Made" logo can be counted as true Swiss watches. If you are still unsure, you can go to the "Swiss Watch Federation website" to check.

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How about carnival watch
Carnival International Group Co., Ltd. hopes to make the characteristics of the times, satisfy people's pursuit of fashion, sports, and leisure, and make its own brand connotation, so that every carnival watch can be a witness to the trend, and the carnival watch becomes a symbol of quality.
Carnival adheres to the Swiss manufacturing technology and design styles, breaks through the traditional mainstream situation of mature classic watches, develops a new young fashion classic style, and makes unremitting efforts to target the international and domestic markets.
The carnival brand culture pursues the improvement of cost performance and seizes the fashionable elements, which is derived from the carnival's extensive research on the international development trend of watches and the market, and concentrates on creating a special watch series with unique charm.

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How much is a carnival watch
As a Chinese watch brand, the price of Carnival watches is not only affordable, but also very cheap. The overall price is between $35 yuan and $500, of which $120 to $200 watches are more popular, and most of them are business and sports models.

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Self-winding automatic mechanical best affordable watches under 100. No battery required, automatic analog are powered by a mainspring and complex gears that move the watch hands. You have to wear it daily to keep it working. You could see its moving parts right through the back.
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Sser reviews
reviews 1: The quality and workmanship can be said to be precise, and the weight is a bit heavy. Although it is not a famous brand, the Carnival watch is still very good!
reviews 2: Considering all aspects, the design, quality, and price of Carnival watches are still good and worth considering.
reviews 3: The quality is average, and the time is not accurate. At this price, this can only be done. you get what you pay for!
reviews 4: The carnival watch looks very cool. And the carnival watch style is also good, and the packaging is also very delicate.
What brand is the Carnival watch? Do you already know the answer when you see it? Carnival watch is not very famous among Chinese watches, although the quality of the product needs to be improved. But it is just right in terms of practicality and fashion, so those who pursue the appearance and practicality of the watch like it very much.

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