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Carnival 8756g quality mens automatic watches under 100

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best automatic watches under 100

Carnival 8756g cheap automatic mens stainless steel watches under $100. Jianianhua 41mm high quality watches under 100.

Carnival 8756g Automatic Self-Wind Movement
Power Reserve: Approximately 50 hours
BPH (Frequency per Hour): 21 600 bph
Stainless Steel Case
Case Thickness: 13mm
Case diameter: 41mm
Scratch-resistance synthetic sapphire watch face
Feature: day, date function, Luminous Pointer
Net weight: 5.29 Ounces
Water Resistance: 3ATM
Attention: Suitable for everyday use. Splash/rain resistant. Not suitable for showering, bathing, swimming, snorkeling, water related work and fishing.

41mm mens best cheap automatic watches under 100 with a see through back. I's self winding with good quality and craftsmanship of Carnival brand. The Automatic machinery movement is Bei Jing 2813 (It is considered to be the same level as the Seagull). When the spring if fully wound on, the reserve power left is around 50 hours. One notch out and twist up sets the weekday, twist down sets the date. The bezel is ceramic.
mens automatic watches under 100

The Carnival watch brand was established in 1986 and has a history of 30 years. After years of struggle and development, Carnival was selected as a well-known watch brand in 2011. Carnival's watch brand target consumer groups are mainly positioned in young fashion people. Aiming at the busy work, study and fast-paced life characteristics of such groups. Carnival watches are well aware of this kind of people's pursuit of fashionable, young and casual work and life attitudes. The launch of the Carnival watch caters to the public.

cheap automatic watches under 100

How is the quality of carnival watch
Carnival has the advantage of the intersection of Swiss production technology and fashion art. Carnival watches have always had their own technical research and development and precision manufacturing capabilities. It also absorbs many cutting-edge elements through interaction with our customers. Carnival watches are mainly aimed at young white-collar workers and fashionable white-collar workers.
Carnival watches use Swiss and Japanese movements, which are accurate and stable. Coupled with high-end watchmaking technology, it once opened up a young and fashionable style watch. In addition, Carnival watches use a lot of stainless steel in the selection of watchmaking materials, and the sapphire crystal is uniformly selected for the watch mirror. It is not only clear when looking at the time, but also durable. The watches are daily waterproof.

best automatic watch under 100

Very solid and well-made Carnival mens stainless steel watches under $100. Every detail of this analog is perfect; fit and finish, materials give a very expensive look. The bezels work. It can rotate uni directional counterclockwise to remind you the time. And the bracelet is well-made and comfortable. Without measuring the accurate gains/losses, it goes almost a week without needing any adjustment at all.
mens stainless steel watches under $100

How about carnival watches?
The Carnival watch looks very upscale and the quality is also very good. It has a lot of weight in the hand, the workmanship can be said to be very precise, the weight is a bit heavy, and the dial is also beautiful. But the case will be a bit thick.

stainless steel watches under 100

Great Combination of Features, Quality & Price Jianianhua mens high quality watches under 100. High end looks, beautiful design, perfect weight and wrist feel. The mechanical automatic means you need to wear it every day to maintain running! Works great as a everyday analog. Some unusual features for a watch less than $100 such as a sapphire crystal, ceramic bezel, spring-release clasp band and day-date.
quality mens watches under 100

quality watches under 100

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see through back

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